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July 13, 2013 / nuttystepmom

lovely lemons

CindyLou, you’ve spent a lot of time with me in the kitchen over the years, but I thought it might be nice to document some kitchen tricks and tips for you anyway…just in case you forget some of the important stuff.   We’re going to start off easy with this category.

Lemons.  Have them.  You can buy a bag of lemons for stupid-cheap, and they have right around infinite uses.  They’re great for cooking, of course, but they also come in handy for cleaning, decorating, making the house smell nice, etc.

But, for today, I’m going to impart a very simple kitchen trick.  When you need lemon juice (and you will), before you cut into the lemon, roll the lemon on the counter a few times.  Roll it like you mean it!  Press down on that sucker and roll it back and forth a bit.  This makes a lemon sooooo much easier to juice.  That’s it.  A simple 5 second trick to make life easier. 🙂

Of course, after you juice the lemon, throw the peel in the compost pile.  Or find another use for it (more on that later).  Don’t fill the landfills with lemon peels, please.

Oh, and for the love of all that is good in the world, don’t buy that freaky lemon juice that comes in the fake lemon!  Why create trash?  Why spend more?  Why risk having things in your lemon juice that aren’t lemon juice?  Let the dorks who find squeezing a lemon to be too difficult take on the accountability for that nonsense.  You, my dear, are smarter than that. 😉


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