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July 22, 2013 / nuttystepmom

gift bags…use them!

Okay, CindyLou, here’s one of those random bits of knowledge that doesn’t really fit anywhere.  I promise I’ll get this blog organized before you’re all grown up. 😉

Some women have a ridiculous amount of crap around the house for wrapping presents.  I’ve seen so many friends and family members with closets devoted to a heap of forgotten bits of gift wrap, half-used rolls of tape, squashed bows, and tissue paper in an array of hideous colors.  If one of these people is really on top of things, they’ve purchased some sort of high-budget, specialty  plastic bins or things that hang on the door to organize that mess.

But here’s the thing….all of that crap is a waste of money and space.  You just don’t need it.

Bring your brain to the gift wrap supplies we have in our house.  It’s one little box that easily fits on a closet shelf.  In that box are the following things:

  • about 20 high quality gift bags in a medium-ish size
  • a few smaller gift bags that match the larger ones
  • heavy-duty gift tags that attach with yarn or string
  • tape
  • one pack of tissue paper

And that, my sweet, is all you need.  Now, let’s talk about the details.

  • Make sure the gift bags are in an all-purpose color…go neutral.  That way you can use them for any occasion.
  • Do not be bashful about asking for your bags back from close friends and family.  Demand the bags back from people who live in the same house with you.  People you don’t know well or your boss or something?  Yeah, you just need to let that bag go.
  • Use those gift tags over and over.  Let’s face it, every Christmas and birthday, our gift tags have the same three names on them…why keep buying them over and over again?  Just remove them from the bags and store them in one of small bags or a little box or something so they don’t get messed up.
  • You will need to snag some tissue paper from time to time, but it’s cheap and easy to store….just grab the color you need for a particular occasion OR keep a multi-color pack on hand, and you’ll always be prepared.
  • Bows?  I’m pretty sure bows exist to get crushed and mangled.  Instead of keeping bows around, get creative.  Pick some flowers from the yard and tie them with twine to a bag handle.  If you have yarn around, use that to make a bow….or ribbon from previous projects…or guitar strings or phone charger wires.  You know, just whatever you can find that works. 😉  Another radical notion?  Why the heck does every gift need a bow?  Be brave and skip the bow altogether…you know, just when you’re feeling frisky.
  • On those weird occasions that you have a gift to give that won’t fit in a gift bag, get creative.  Just slap a bow in a lovely spot.

One last thing!  Always remember this: Presentation is important, but a well thought-out, meaningful gift is the real point.  If you give the people you love gifts that they will treasure and love, they probably won’t remember the gift wrap.

I promise you that these strategies will make your life simpler and easier…and you’ll still be prepared to not look like a goon.

Of course, as with everything on the blog, you may find your own, and better, way of doing things…if you do, please share! 😀


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  1. happyflowerwordzoo002 / Aug 31 2013 3:28 pm

    When I was young(er) gift wrap was considered an expense/luxury. Gifts were accepted as wrapped in Sunday funnies or plain paper, tied with yard. The yarn was always saved. Whatever we can do to reduce landfill . . . thanks for post.

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