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September 20, 2013 / nuttystepmom

cleaning: your weapons of choice

Before we talk about cleaning supplies, CindyLou, let’s take a moment to talk about commercials.  (I know you’ve already heard this a thousand times, but stick with me here.)

Commercials are designed to get you to buy things.  Their purpose is to inform you about products that you didn’t know existed that are going to solve problems you didn’t know you had.  You’re going to see commercials for a gazillion different fancy, specialized, single-purpose cleaning products.  Don’t let them get in your head, man.  Be strong!  You do not need all of that crap to keep a clean house.  In fact, I’ve actually known people who had so much cleaning crap, the cleaning crap itself became a cleaning problem.  Ridiculous.

You just don’t need all of that stuff.  Don’t believe the hype, down with the man, and all that good stuff.    Don’t be one of those women who loses all good sense when something shiny and new is put in front of you.

Okay, now onto what we do need to keep a house clean.  Well, that’s easy.  The answer is this: Not much.  Here’s a list of everything I have on hand to handle all of our cleaning needs:

  • a good broom
  • a mop
  • all-purpose cleanser (I like J.R. Watkins lemony stuff….smells great and not tested on animals)
  • glass cleanser (I like method minty stuff….smells great and not tested on animals)
  • an abrasive, scrubby cleanser (I like Mrs. Myers….smells okay and not tested on animals)
  • baking soda
  • vinegar
  • lemons
  • salt
  • dish liquid (I like J.R. Watkins lemony stuff)
  • dishwasher soap
  • laundry soap
  • bleach
  • rags – lots of glorious rags

That’s it.  That’s all I use to keep the house clean.  Not all of that stuff gets busted out to clean every room.  In fact, I might go weeks between episodes of whipping out the lemons and salt (a trick I will teach you later, I promise).  The stuff that sounds more like ingredients than cleaning supplies?  Yeah, that stuff lives with the cooking supplies/ingredients.  The laundry stuff lives in the laundry room.  The other stuff is kept in an easy-to-carry thingadoo under the kitchen sink.  In many years of cleaning, I have not encountered the situation that couldn’t be handled by this list of products.  Not once have I said, “Oh, I’d clean that if only I had a Swiffer.”  I’ve also never said, “I just can’t clean because I don’t have a specialized wipes required.”  (Wipes!  Geez.  Give a care for the world around you, eh?  Rags are reusable and not locked into having whatever vile product those wipes are stewing in all over them.)

You do not need an army of bottles to get your house clean!

You do not need an army of bottles to get your house clean!

Don’t fall for the commercials and the pretty packaging in the cleaning aisle.  All of those “specialty” products really just waste your money and cause you to find somewhere to store things. Do you really want to waste any moment of your life fretting about where to put your unneeded cleaning supplies?  I mean, you could be using that moment to pee or eat a cookie or do a cartwheel or something.

Keep it simple, don’t have a bunch of crap, and you pretty much can’t go wrong.  (It’s a theme!)

Tomorrow I’ll give you a list to help you breeze through the cleaning of just about any room.  Fun!  🙂


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